TeamLife understands dementia; we don’t focus on the memory loss. …what do we mean?

Our programs and caregiving techniques are designed to evoke memories for the client and provide comfort to the family of knowing their loved one is in the care of nurses and caregivers experienced in bettering the life of those aging with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. And it’s so much more than that.

What makes TeamLife different than other agencies?

For us, it begins with meeting the client and their family.  We listen.  Our goal is to get a true understanding of how they live their life, what do they enjoy, what matters to them… time with grandchildren, reading, music, gardening, social events, business matters.  Once we have listened, we listen more and together with the client and their family, we create a care plan that ensures our clients are safe, assisted through the daily frustrations that may result from memory loss and to enjoy a meaningful and rewarding lifestyle as they continue to live life their way.

TeamLife’s innovative and technology-aided programs, is a person-centered  approach to memory care and offers the opportunity to socialize through our  Group Programs, designed to deliver effective participation, freedom of choice, intergenerational contact, exercise, art, music and pet therapy, to name a few.

With memory care clients, our focus is safety first!  We practice Validation and Redirection Therapy; embracing the memories in the conversation while respectfully returning the client to present through active discussion.  Our caregivers respect their role as guests in your home.  They are trained in how to converse with persons with dementia and they are continually exposed to networking opportunities with other healthcare professionals.  We value our employees and encourage ongoing training as we continually improve in our ability and reputation of excellence in memory care.  Please do reach out – we really can help.

A note to all the dedicated Family Caregivers:  we haven’t forgotten about you.  Caring for an aging family member, specifically a loved one with a memory care illness is challenging.  Coupled with managing all other family and life obligations, it’s natural to need some help.  Whether it’s short term or longer, TeamLife offers RespiteCare@home.  Please reach out and ask for our TeamLife Care Guide for complete details.

TeamLife Memory Care Highlights:
  • Understand the Fundamentals of Dimentia Care
  • Assist with Activities of Daily Living & Ensure Ongoing Safety
  • Apply Problem Solving Techniques with Dignity
  • Thorough care management and family support
  • Validation & Redirection Therapy


Who We Help@Home

This is what sets TeamLife apart from the others. 

Please ask us about our TeamLife Care Guide, for complete details on our innovative services and programs, enabling you or your loved one to live life their way.

Registered Nurse Home Health

Care begins in hospital/medical facility prior to release

CareBnMe™ A TeamLife Program

Connecting seniors with care programs hosted at pop-up locations

Personal/Companion Home Care

Customized care plan tailored to your specific lifestyle

Care Tech Made Simple

Mobile tools and wearables promoting healthy outcomes

Memory Care Therapies

Safety and quality of life through validation and redirection therapy

Real-Time Communication

Connecting family members to your loved ones care status

Respite Care For Family Caregivers

Everyone deserves to take a break: Step out of the everyday routine

Home Safety Modifications

Modifications to create a safe and happy home environment