Our Mission:

Provide the best innovative and personalized health@home services for extraordinary people. 

    A Message from our Founder

    “I am honored to introduce you to TeamLife Health Group; an innovative agency, launched in Illinois, and ready for the Health Care ‘shake-up’ currently underway in our nation.

    I am encouraged by the recent changes within the Health Care space, specifically with the enhancements technology brings to Home Health Care. 

    At TEAMLIFE we value our Clients, their families and our employees equally.  Our caregivers are exposed to ongoing training and networking with industry professionals.  

    We are committed to enhancing the Home Health Care brand as an exciting career path; with consistent delivery of safe, accountable, quality care for those we serve.

    We strive for excellence, working with you to establish an individualized, health at home Wellness Journey.  

    As guests in your home, our professional caregivers, work with respect, integrity and discretion at all times”.

    Healthy Outcomes,

    John M Jacobs

    Our leadership team

    Our leadership team is highly experienced in delivering exceptional care and support to our clients, regardless of age or specific needs.  For us it’s about trust, respect and delivering the very best affordable care | we are accountable for everything that we do.

    TeamLife works with all budgets – please give us a call (312) 235-5340

    John M Jacobs

    John M Jacobs

    Lisa Stewart

    Lisa Stewart


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